About YamatoDatabase Co-op.

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Overview of Co-operative

Overview of YamatoDatabase Co-operative
Name YamatoDatabase Co-operative
Head Office Hiyoshi Bldg.,5F 1-13 Nijyoojiminami 2-chome Nara-City 630-8012 Japan
Tokyo Office Kanto Bldg.,5F 1-9-2 Hamamatsu-Cho Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0013 Japan
Established 24th Oct. 1992
Director Masahiro Kaihatsu
Investment 20,860,000Yen
Number of Member 1,591 companies
Permit approval METI-Kansai Bureau of Economy, Kinki Finance Bureau Ministry of Finance, Kinki Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare, Kinki Regional Agricultural Administration Office, Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Kinki District Transport Bureau, Kinki Regional Environmental Office Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, National Police Agency, Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science and Technology-Japan
Services of YamatoDatabase Co-operative
Co-op.purchasing power services Group Purchasing for fuel gas.
Advantage of Co-op. services. Joint Use for the HighwaySystem
Joint Use for the Monthly Rent a car
Joint Use for the Vihicle Resque service
Support the Technical Intern Training Program We are the "Supervising Oranization" see more
Co-op.Communication network of Information services. Create your website service
Information to member of associates
Benefits of membership services. Welfare Service

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